Partners- PDF Registration Program

Do You:

Distribute electronically to at least 20 users?

Own the rights to a PDF or have one your created yourself?

Want to improve the printMe1 processing time for your readers?

We've developed a PDF registration system for PDF creators & owners who distribute electronically and want to provide their userbase with a simple, professional, and affordable print option at It's designed for PDF owners who enthusiastically give their users the option to print as they choose. A typical userbase could be readers, subscribers, students, or members.

By registering your PDF at, we will be able to speed up the processing time for your users significantly and you will be able to track the print activity of your registered PDF's on our site. Cool!

Our system will recognize registered PDF's on upload and allows us to work more efficiently to process multiple orders of the same file without requiring a download for each.

Register your 100% owned PDF's with us and become a printMe1 partner today! . This is a beta program and participation is limited.

More features are coming soon.

To be eligible to participate:

-A partner's PDF's must be 100% original partner-created content. (For example, a workbook, notepack, ebook or manual you created and own the copyright for is acceptable to be registered, whereas a workbook, notepack, ebook or manual someone else created is not acceptable, even though you purchased the PDF. Public domain pdf's are acceptable.)

-A distribution base of at least 20 members. Members may be subscribers, readers, students, fans, whatever.

-Your distribution base must receive or be using the exact same PDF you are registering with us. No unique identifiers embedded in the PDF. An example of a unique identifier is embedding a purchasers name or email on their pdf. This unfortunately will make each PDF different from the registered version.

To get started, drop us a note using our contact form. Include some information about your estimated userbase. We will respond with the next steps to get us the PDF..

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