Our Story

We've simplified printing for high page count PDF's used for reading, note taking, reference, and work. PDF's you want to use in print, on paper, but would be a strain to print and bind yourself.

Everything we do showcases our love of print. Our order process is uncomplicated and simple. Our goal is to provide a convenient, professional service at an affordable price that you can rely on anytime. We hope you share your printMe1.com experience! #printisgood #getyerprinton

Print has unique benefits too. Published research in Scientific American ("The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens" by Ferris Jabr, April 2013,) has found that memory benefits more from using print for reading instead of electronic formats. We have also created a list of articles on this subject and posted it to our blog here.

For instructors, printMe1.com is perfect to use for your own custom-created course materials, and Open Educational Resources & Open Textbooks. Add printMe1.com to your classroom by planning ahead with a semester's worth of planned lectures, readings or guided notes. Just prepare your notes as a pdf file, then distribute to your students through your class website with a link to printMe1.com. Our process supports the "distribute then print" method where the decision of where & how to print belongs to the end user. If you are an instructor and have questions on how to use printMe1.com for your students, feel free to contact us through our contact page.

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