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Print is one of the most sustainable processes in the world. The materials we use to print your pdf are renewable, sustainable, and great for the environment.

Here's why:

Our Paper: Print & paper grow trees.

We use paper from sources that are certified or verified to be responsible, sustainable sources. This means our paper should be viewed as a responsibly managed crop that is harvested rather than a resource that is expended.

While growing in forests and tree farms, those trees and plants farmed for paper provide a habitat for wildlife, consume carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen for us to breathe. Then when harvested, new growth is planted and the cycle continues making the forestry industry one of the most important renewable industries on the planet.

Using paper from sustainable sources means the forest land will continue for be used for that purpose, and not cleared to use the land for something else less environmentally beneficial. Find out more here:

Your support of paper and print creates economic value for this process, and therefore it renews, benefiting the environment as a result. North America is a net grower of trees!

Using print helps support positive environmental benefits! Learn how "Print Grows Trees" here.

Our Toner: Renewable components, Recycled Waste.

Our printing equipment uses a plant-based polymerized toner, made from a biomass resource that is renewable, and also requires less energy during the printing process when your prints are made. The image quality is superior to toners made from pulverized plastic, making your prints look great too.

Waste toner is collected in PET containers and returned to the manufacturer for reuse.

Our Product: Part of A Sustainable Industry, & 100% Recyclable.

Paper can be reused 5-7 times before wood fibers break down. Your print and all of the packaging used to ship it can be recycled when you are done with them.

To demonstrate our commitment to the sustainability of our process and desire to use renewables whenever we can, we only use paper products in our packaging.

Our cardboard and filler papers also come from FSC™, SFI® and PEFC® certified sources.

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