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US$ 11.99 for PDF's 52 pages or less.

Add just 5.4¢ per page over 52 pages.

All prices for bound prints include free US shipping.

Ship to one address or many in the same transaction.

Available in US or Canada.


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OER Compatible

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Print your PDF to read like a book. Affordable on-demand printing made simple!

Step 1

Select a PDF from your computer to upload.


Step 2

Select your print options, black & white or color, or even just the 1st page in color.

Then choose from our wide variety of binding options.

Step 3

Pay with a credit card or PayPal.

Enjoy free US shipping for bound prints, with a priority option (US only).

Canadian shipping available.

You have a PDF, we love to print

We Keep It Simple

  • No accounts
  • No passwords
  • Upload a PDF & checkout
  • Mailed to your address
  • Free shipping

How We Print

  • Print size is 8.5" x 11"
  • Printed double sided
  • Black & white or color
  • 1st page color available
  • Single sided available

Binding Options

  • Classic black comb
  • Clear acetate front cover
  • Black linen back cover
  • Three hole punch
  • No binding

Extra charges apply for:

  • Plastic coil
  • Wire coil (silver)
  • Velo bind


  • Standard (5-9 days) for free
  • Priority (3-4 days) is available
  • Send to multiple addresses in a single transaction
  • Send different PDF's to specific addresses

$11.99 minimum order, plus sales tax if applicable. Again, this includes free shipping. No one else does this!

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$11.99 minimum order value, 52 pages included, free US shipping.


What Our Customers Say

I really like your service. I love the fact that I can print small amounts rather than a 100 copy minimum like some places do. I use these for leaders guides for church home fellowship groups. The rest of the people can follow along for free with the .pdf if they have a tablet or cell phone. If not they can buy a booklet from me at cost. Anyway, thanks for your fast printing and shipping.



8 months ago

Very pleased with my order! I'm an author who needed a handful of beta copies of my 160-page book printed in color. PrintMe1 was by far the most affordable choice, even when I needed the copies rushed to my address. I expected to get what I was paying for - nothing fancy, pages missing, illegible pages, late delivery - all the nightmares I've experienced with other printing companies over years. Instead, I received a solid box the post office couldn't destroy (though not for lack of trying), and sealed as though it contained priceless artifacts.


Jen C

7 months ago

Thank you for the awesome service you provide!


Joe E

8 months ago

I just received my second PDF book from this company, and I enjoyed the service. Anyway, appreciate the service as I get so tired of reading everything on my computer screen.


Laurel W

9 months ago

Just a note to thank you, and let you know how truly impressed we are with the above order. The box is sturdy and nice. The paper fillers tied into knots brought a smile to our faces. The packaging is a class act. And it all arrived in less than a week ... from Wednesday to Tuesday ... six days! You show pride in your work, and it shows ... Congratulations! Again, thank you and best wishes!


Petrica K

5 months ago

In twenty years of training with manuals (including having to help wrangle them to remote training facilities), I've never seen a printer do this much to make sure the books looked nice. I couldn't be happier and definitely recommend PrintMe1 for excellent printing and attention to detail!


Jen C

7 months ago

I just got my order and it’s beautiful! Thank you so much for such quality and affordable printing! I’ve recommended your services many times to my friends who are teachers to customize their own planners!



1 years ago

I just received my Printme1 order and the packaging was just obscenely perfect. I never expected a printed PDF to come to my house packed so beautifully. In addition, the process to order my PDF printed was so easy to do from my phone, and the price was so affordable, Thank you so much for this service and the care put into your work!


Alex P

1 years ago

I received my order today. Just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the presentation and packaging of the materials. We really appreciate the quick turnaround too.


Tony F

2 years ago

I just want to say that I LOVE your service! Your products are quickly delivered, high-quality, and a delight to receive. That's why I keep coming back. Thank you! :)



4 months ago

I just wanted to take the time to inform you that my order arrived today safely. I was impressed and very pleased at the attention that your people took in doing this small order. I half expected it to arrive to me in a poly bag with possibly bent and torn corners, but this was not the case. Your company went beyond my expectations and even boxed the manual up for me in a sturdy box to protect it from any damage. I honestly did not expect this, but I am greatly pleased that you took the added effort in doing so. You can be sure that if and when I have any further items to be printed, that you will be the first people that come to mind... Again, thanks to you and your workers for your kind attention and a good job...



3 months ago

Hey guys! Reaching out to give you guys some awesome praise on my recent order #117086. Between the easy to use site, super fast shipping, the quality packaging, wrapping, and the quality printing/binding, I can't give you guys enough praise. You should be proud, you're what a great small business should be! Wishing you guys continued success, Tony



2 months ago

Hello! I recently ordered a print out of a PDF that we received today. Love what you’re doing! Keep it up!


Julie F

2 months ago

Holy crap you guys are amazing! I just received my first order and am absolutely blown away. The packaging was fantastic- much nicer than expected (downright classy) and my item was in perfect shape. I will be ordering from you guys for every PDF that I need bound and printed. I can't believe how quickly you had my order printed and shipped!


Emily G

1 months ago

Not only is it easy, I have empirical data that shows that y'all are better quality than some commercially available textbooks. Our control condition's commercial books fell apart, but our experimental conditions OER books from you were great.


Matt D

1 months ago

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Make printMe1 even easier to use for your students with our PDF Hosting service. Designed for instructors using OER, materials you have written yourself and hold the copyright on, or materials in the public domain, find out more.

Note: You must have all rights necessary to allow us, egrafa, inc, to reproduce the materials, prepare derivative works of the materials in any and all forms, distribute the materials and to display the materials that you submit to the printMe1.com service.

Advanced Features, CSV Uploads

Even our advanced features are super-simple. Probably the most powerful for mass printing is our CSV upload option, allowing you to control specific PDFs to go to specific addresses, or send one PDF to many people.

Simply upload all your PDFs in the usual way (see the Start Now button above), then when you get to the shipping screen, tap the button to upload a CSV file containing details of which PDF should go to which address.

All the details are provided on that screen, including the specific CSV columns to use and how to provide printing, binding, and shipping details.

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