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Frequently Asked Questions


printMe1.com is a simple PDF printing service. Upload a PDF to get started. Then just choose color or B&W printing, and select a binding. Your PDF is printed back-to-back on 8 ½” x 11” white paper. If bound, it will have a clear glossy front cover over your first page and sturdy black linen back cover. Then we ship it to your Paypal Address via the USPS (US Addresses, including PR & APO locations, only- shipping is included in our price.) No bells, whistles, or hassle.

The B&W price is listed on the main page. Color printing is 19¢ per page, with 5 color prints included in the minimum order.

The printing price includes a standard GBC comb bind with a cover set (Clear-Front, Black Linen- Back.) You can also substitute 3HP or no binding at checkout for no additional charge. This price also includes shipping. Sales tax is applicable for PA residents.

Domestic US Shipping via the USPS is included in our pricing. We ship to US Addresses including Puerto Rico and APO locations that are served by regular US Postal Services at no extra charge.

Note on APO Addresses: If you place an order with an APO address that the USPS charges additionally to deliver to, we will contact you by email with the option to pay the extra charge or cancel your order.

Orders are shipped within 3 business days. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks to receive your document using standard shipping, depending on your location. Once your order is shipped, its shipping progress is trackable in your paypal account. Standard shipping is included in the price via the USPS using their Media Mail service. Priority methods are available for an additional charge at checkout. If you are choosing an expedited service, please note to be sure to allow an additional 3 days to allow for the printing process. We do not ship internationally.


No. We only print from PDF's.

Yes. You may combine multiple PDF’s into one file using our PDF BUILDER feature.

Our site currently allows only one print job per transaction. If you have multiple pdf files to print and bind individually, you can upload each as a separate transaction. Our PDF BUILDER feature allows you to combine & edit multiple pdf's into a single print order if you want.


The document is printed using a digital printing process. All files are printed back-to-back (double-sided).

B&W prints use standard US Letter size 20# white paper. Color prints use standard US Letter size 24# paper.

We use two kinds of paper. For B&W printing, we use US Letter size 20# white paper. This is a commmon paper type for black & white digital printing. For color printing, we use US Letter size 24# white paper. This is slightly heavier than standard copy paper.

Yes. Just choose the 'Color' option when asked. Color printing has an additional charge

There is no efficient way to do this through our service. You must choose either Color or BW printing for the entire document. 

We set our printing devices to "print to fit". This means the pages will be automatically scaled to fit the 8 1/2" x 11" print size.  


We offer several different binding choices. (Samples here) The bindings are GBC comb, Three hole punch, coil, wire-o, and velo. You can also choose no binding and have your prints shipped without any finishing.

Our site only displays binding options that will fit your PDF. Here are the pagecount limits for each binding type we offer. GBC Comb: 820 pages, Coil: 400 pages, Velo: 900 pages, Wire-o: 400 pages. (Note a page is one side of a double-sided print.)

Yes. Covers are included with the binding. The front cover is clear acetate. The back cover is black linen cardstock.


We ship via the USPS to United States addresses including Puerto Rico and APO locations. We do not ship internationally at this time.

Yes, this is possible by changing the "Ship to:" address when you are in PayPal Checkout.

PDF Builder

Yes, with our PDF BUILDER feature, you can combine multiple pdfs into one file before printing. The PDF BUILDER feature also allows you to deselect specific pages from your pdf, and allows you to add blank pages if needed & desired in between each uploaded pdf file to ensure that the first page of each uploaded PDF starts on the right hand side, like it should in a book. You can also download your PDF BUILDER file to proof (or distribute) before printing, or go directly to printMe1's checkout with your PDF BUILDER pdf. Uploaded files must be under 100 MB each. Start at the PDF BUILDER link to use this free feature.

PDF Portal

Our PDF Portal creates a unique link to a PDF to share with your US students or bookstore so they can purchase a print without uploading the file.  We host the PDF on our site, and you can pre-set a preferred print format and binding type to appear with the PDF at printme1.com's checkout from the unique link.  This is a convenient way to distribute printed materials used in a course you are teaching, as long as the content meets our guidelines.

The PDF Portal is designed only for works you created, own or control the copyright to, works in the Public Domain, or copyrighted items with a Creative Commons license used in course you are teaching.  We review all content before activating the link. 

New users to our PDF Portal first create a free account. Then, upload the PDF's that you want to create a PDF Portal link for, and choose the preferred print & binding formats you would like to accompany with the PDF file when your students or bookstore are ready to check  out with a purchase. 

The preferred formats can be changed by the end user before checking out, so if you are requiring a specific format for your class, please indicate the format should not be changed when you distribute the link.

We review the PDF. If the content meets our qualifications (User created/CC-Licensed/Public Domain), we activate the link. If the content does not meet our qualifications, we reject the link. In either case, you are contacted by email with details.

When your PDF is activated, simply share the link to your students or bookstore. 

We would like to hear from you if you have a question. Please use our contact form and indicate a preferred way to contact you. 


printMe1.com is located in Altoona, PA.

Please use our Contact Form. (Before you contact us about your order, please note that your order's shipping progress can be tracked in your PayPal account as detailed elsewhere in this FAQ.)  


Yes. We do not share any information with 3rd parties. We use Paypal for payment processing, so there is no personal financial information supplied to us. We do retain your name and email address for our own records.