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Use our free PDF Hosting service to distribute your PDF to students or bookstores in 3 easy steps. Hosting your PDF with us connects it to our simple print service for an easy on demand print option. See how below!

Need to edit or combine PDFs? Our free PDF Builder is the perfect tool to allow you to slice and dice any PDF, and combine with others. Adding new page numbers and even a table of contents are just some of the features we provide.


Upload your PDF for free.

Our process is quick and simple, and asks for some basic details.


We review all uploaded materials to ensure there are no copyright issues.

You will be asked to confirm you have ownership or permission to upload any materials.


We provide a unique link for a direct print of your materials using our print-on-demand service, or free download.

Share with your US students or bookstores.

For a full explanation checkout our blog post for The Big How To Guide for PDF Hosting for Printing.

Students and bookstores can either download your material, or order a print online with one-click.

Take a look at our live preview: www.printme1.com/preview/229adfbb8.

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The PDF Hosting facility may only be used for materials for Creative Commons licensed materials, Open Education Resources materials (OER), materials in the public domain, and materials to which you hold the copyright.

You must have all rights necessary to allow us, egrafa, inc, to reproduce the materials, prepare derivative works of the materials in any and all forms, distribute the materials and to display the materials that you submit to the printMe1.com service.

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