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PDF Portal

Instructors- Use our PDF Portal to distribute your PDF to students or bookstores in 4 easy steps.

Upload your PDF to the printMe1 PDF Portal.

- or, use our PDF Builder first to merge multiple OER titles with your own works, or titles in the public domain to make a low cost custom teaching tool for your course. Free. Then upload to the PDF Portal.

printMe1 reviews your PDF.

We create a link to your PDF in printMe1 checkout.

Distribute the checkout link to your students or bookstore.

The print checkout link also has a link to dowload the file. No charge to download.

Students or bookstores checkout without uploading the PDF.

Live Sample: www.printme1.com/preview/31a3c821.

The PDF Portal feature may only be used for materials for Creative Commons licensed materials, Open Education Resources materials (OER), materials in the public domain, and materials to which you hold the copyright.

To get started, just for a free account, and start uploading.

Contact us with any questions.

Note: You must have all rights necessary to allow us, egrafa, inc, to reproduce the materials, prepare derivative works of the materials in any and all forms, distribute the materials and to display the materials that you submit to the printMe1.com service.

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